Denim Daze Dress

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The "Denim Daze Dress" is a short sleeve denim dress with ruffle detail along the Peter Pan collar and side pocket detail. The dress is primarily made from a fabric blend of 95% cotton and 5% polyester.

This dress likely features a classic denim look with the comfort of cotton and the added durability and flexibility of polyester. The short sleeves make it suitable for warmer weather, while the ruffle detail on the Peter Pan collar adds a charming and feminine touch. The inclusion of side pockets can be both functional and stylish, providing a convenient place to store small items and adding a casual element to the dress.

Overall, the "Denim Daze Dress" appears to be a versatile piece that combines the timeless appeal of denim with modern design elements. It could be worn casually for everyday outings or dressed up slightly for various occasions.